Luka Aron (born 1994) is a German composer and musician based between Berlin and Stockholm, where he is currently pursuing a master’s degree in electroacoustic composition. Utilizing several plucked instruments such as guitar, dulcimer and zither coupled with both digital and analog synthesis he’s creating a slow and gradually evolving timbral music that combines the raw energy of power electronics with the fragility of the human touch. 

The framework of his compositions is often based on observations of auditory processes, such as combination tones, and how they relate to the use of just intonation. By putting the act of tuning in the center, many beating patterns are exposed and the spectrum is flooded with overtones and feedback, aiming at invoking a hypnagogic state of mind in the listeners. 

He has performed with musicians such as Skùli Sverrisson, Jim Black, Philipp Gropper and John Schröder, the Greenlandic electronic artist Courtesy,  and is a member of the electro-acoustic group “Minua”. Together with frequent collaborator Ludwig Wandinger he co-operates the label and collective “Acna Rusd” that focusses on experimental music, art and design.

Since the beginning of 2020 he is hosting bi-weekly “Deep Listening” meetups, inspired by Pauline Oliveros’ practice.