Luka Aron is a German musician and composer of electroacoustic and minimalist music based between Stockholm and Berlin. The core of his practice is the spectral fusion of synthesised sound and acoustic instruments, combining the raw energy of power electronics with the fragility of the human touch. Aron’s work has been described by The Guardian as “thick, impasto layers of slow-moving sound that completely command your attention.”

The framework of Aron’s compositions is often based on the observation of psychoacoustic phenomena and how they relate to just intonation. A careful selection of partials is presented, stimulating additional tones in the perception of the listener. Through this, a secondary structure is gradually unveiled: like light rays meeting the surface of water, partially reflecting back to air, and refracting at once, as they pass from one medium to the other. As such, Aron employs methods of reverse-engineering auditory processes, with the aim to invoke alternative listening modes. By putting the act of tuning at the center, many beating patterns are exposed and the spectrum is flooded with overtones and feedback.

Aron is a graduate of Musikakademie Basel (CH), and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Electroacoustic Composition at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm (SE).

Aron’s work has been presented at Berghain, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Harpa, Primavera Sound, Robot Festival, Dancity Festival, The Royal College of Music, among others. Apart from his solo project, he is part of the trio Minua and the dream gaze band Roomer. Frequent collaborations and performances include musicians such as Skùli Sverrisson, Jim Black, Ludwig Wandinger, as well as the Greenlandic artist Courtesy.

Since 2020, he is hosting ‘Deep Listening’ meet-ups in Berlin and Stockholm, based on Pauline Oliveros’ practice.